Compressana Sport Competition Socks

  • £27.50



Unisex sports below knee stocking with a reinforced sole and midfoot bandage. Sporty knit design with Q-Skin Technology which is an innovative, super soft, skin-friendly microfibre providing the wearer with breathability, freshness, hygiene and comfort. Even during endurance sports, the special fibres dissipates moisture and reduces excess floral bacteria growth which is the main cause of unpleasant odours. 

Support class IV approx. 21 mmHg Strong Support

  • For more energy, performance and endurance

  • Reduces the risk of injury (enhanced surefootedness)

  • Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply

  • Activates the muscles and improves stability of the joints

  • Q-Skin is moisture-dissipating, temperature-regulating and breathing-active for the natural balance of the skin, even with high stress in outdoor, sports or profession

  • Faster recovery after exercise



    • 40% Q-Skin (PA)

    • 37% polyamide

    • 18% elastane

    • 5% cotton


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