Compressana Sport Active Socks

  • £15.00



Compressana Sport Active Socks are worn just like normal socks. Effective in work, sports and leisure activities. To ensure best fit, make sure there are no creases or twisting and that the toes are not pinched. Recommended for regular wear.

Support class III approx. 18 mmHg Medium Support

Bracing sock with Cotton -

For best performance and support

  • Supportive and binding action for foot, ankle and heel

  • Ensures pleasant and secure hold

  • Prevents swelling and helps to relieve pain

  • Lowers risk of injuries

  • Soft and comfortable against the skin

  • Suitable for work, sports and leisure activities

  • Available in 4 colours

Hint: Compressana Active Socks are not suitable to prevent venous diseases. Active supports ligaments and joints during job, sport and leisure time.



      • 58% Cotton

      • 26% Polyamide

      • 16% Elastane


      Compressana Sport Active Socks Sizing Chart Size Guide