Compressana Twin Support Below Knee Socks

  • £21.50



Compressana TWIN SUPPORT Stockings with a high cotton content offers a soft skin feeling and freshness for the whole day. More effective, durable and reliable than any other other support stocking. Can be perfectly matched with any contemporary, casual and comfortable clothing in leisure, sports and work They are also ideally worn as travel stockings as the unique support effect noticeably relieves pressure in the legs. Unisex too so can be worn by women and men alike.

Support class IV approx. 21mmHg Strong Support

  • Pleasant natural wearing comfort with cotton

  • Fleecy and soft

  • Effective and durable. Premium quality, long lasting and colour-fast by means of yarn-dyed cotton. Improvement in sports performance and recovery.

  • Extra strong support effect  

  • Unisex

  • Available in 3 colours

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Caramel colour  Graphite colour  

  • 65% Cotton

  • 22% Polyamide

  • 13% Elastane