Equicrown Active

Equicrown Active

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Equicrown Bandage Sleeves for Horses

Equicrown Active

The tubular leg bandage extends from the fetlock to below the carpal or ankle. The anatomical fit, the flexible zone in the ankle area and the breathable material ensure optimal comfort. The even pressure curve offers optimal compression and a pleasant massage effect.

Easier handling is ensured by the side zip and even greater comfort is guaranteed by the flexible zone in the ankle area. The bandage is suitable for prophylactic and accompanying use.


EquiCrown compression bandages are manufactured using the so-called flat knitting process, ie they have a seam. They consist of a hard-wearing, yet soft knitted fabric with a comfortable fit for the horse.

The elastic threads (Lycra), which are double-wound with textile yarn, ensure optimal stretching properties of the bandage, which do not restrict the horse's freedom of movement.

In contrast to circular knitted bandages (without seam), flat-knitted bandages are knitted anatomically and thus adapt exactly to the conditions of the horse's leg. This makes them stand out, correctly measured by a perfect fit and a defined compression pressure and pressure variation from. This also applies to extreme volumes.

Due to the coarse-mesh knitted fabric, EquiCrown compression bandages are breathable, ie permeable to air and moisture. This prevents heat build-up, and the horses do not sweat under the bandages.

EquiCrown fit / med Silver with a knitted-in, antibacterial silver thread ensure an antibacterial effect. For this purpose, yarn with silver ions is knitted into the bandages, the silver does not wash out. This is also ideal for horses with skin problems.

An overview of the material properties of the EquiCrown bandages

  • Durable
  • No constriction
  • Stretchable in the transverse and longitudinal directions
  • Exactly defined compression course
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Massage effect in motion due to the large-mesh knitted fabric
  • Breathable, permeable to air and moisture
  • No build-up of heat, no sweating
  • Sun and ointment resistant
  • Antibacterial effect through knitted silver thread (only with EquiCrown fit / med Silver)
  • Suitable for washing machines and dryers

The materials in detail

EquiCrown active: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
EquiCrown fit / med: 78% polyamide, 22% elastane
EquiCrown fit / med Silver: 65% polyamide, 15% elastane, 7% viscose, 13% X-Static

Care instructions for our EquiCrown bandages

  • Close the cap before washing and turn the bandage inside out
  • Wash the EquiCrown compression bandages daily or at least once a week on a gentle or delicate cycle (40 ° C)
  • Do not use fabric softener!
  • Rinse thoroughly with hand wash, do not wring
  • Drying time can be shortened by rolling in a terry towel, squeezing vigorously and then air drying outside the towel
  • Do not dry on the heater or in the sun
  • Please use gentle cycle when drying in a tumble dryer
  • EquiCrown compression bandages must not be dry cleaned
  • Please note the care instructions on the sewn-in textile label

 How to find the right size for your horse: