Equicrown Fit

Equicrown Fit

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Equicrown Bandage Sleeves for Horses

Equicrown Fit - hook and eye


EquiCrown fit with the double-row hook closure has proven itself particularly in wound care and in horses whose leg circumference fluctuates regularly by a few centimeters.

The tubular leg bandage extends from the fetlock to below the carpal or ankle. Due to the higher percentage of elastane in the knitted fabric, it is somewhat softer than the knitted fabric of EquiCrown active . The anatomical fit and the breathable material ensure optimal comfort. The even pressure curve offers optimal compression and a pleasant massage effect.

application areas

Preventive EquiCrown fit compression bandages are used if there is a tendency to tarnished legs, during long periods of standing or transport and for faster regeneration after exertion. They are used alongside treatment for soft bile, chronic lymph drainage disorders, tendon and fetus joint injuries or tendon disorders. Postoperatively, they reduce leg tarnish and prevent swelling. After the acute phase of a phlegmon has subsided or in laminitis, promote the removal of toxins from the limbs. EquiCrown fit in combination with a wound dressing has also proven its worth in scars and wound treatment. The version with knitted-in silver is particularly suitable due to its antibacterial effect to support the treatment of mauke and other skin problems.

Relative and absolute contraindications
Compression should only be used after consultation with the veterinarian for venous congestion edema, acute phlegmon and tumors.

Compression should not be used for acute infections (without further treatment), heart failure, blood poisoning (septicemia), hyperthyroidism and tumors that block lymphatic drainage channels.

Put on the EquiCrown fit

  1. Place the bandage around the horse's leg from behind, the fastener points to the front and is closed directly on the cannon bone.
  2. Close the hook starting from the top.
  3. If necessary. close the bandage one row of hooks during treatment.
    This is also possible in part (eg only above).


Important NOTE:

Depending on the indication, the use of the bandages should always be discussed with a veterinarian or therapist before use. Please make absolutely sure that you apply the bandage carefully and correctly according to the instructions for use! This is the only way the compression pressure can work effectively without causing damage in the wrong places.