Juzo Move Class 1 Below Knee Socks with Soft Top Border Open Toes

  • £46.50

Juzo Move Class 1 Below Knee Socks with Soft Top Border and Open Toes

Patented knitted fabric - for easy putting on and taking off.

The Juzo Move is versatile and durable with maximum comfort. The unique and patented type of knitting enables effortless gliding over the foot - for particularly easy on and off. The microfiber content ensures a comfortable fit and a balancing skin climate. The high working pressure creates an effective compression therapy and offers the optimal support for an active everyday life. 

Due to its functional properties, the compression stocking is a real relief in therapy and creates more joie de vivre in movement for every patient. Due to the unique functional zone in the instep area, which minimizes incisions even in a 90 degree foot position, the circular knit stocking also offers a comfortable fit for wheelchair users. 

Class 1 (18-21mmHg)

Class 2 (23-32mmHg)

  • Easy to put on and take off 
  • Innovative and patented sliding knitting technology 
  • Durable 
  • High working pressure 
  • Very short-lived 
  • High microfiber content 
  • Unique functional zone in the instep area 
  • Larger heel for easier handling  
  • Special knitted binding on the forefoot area 
  • Juzo Move is available with or without a silicone border


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