JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra STYLE Knee Brace

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When light becomes function, colour makes a difference. Pulsating, energizing, stimulating – perfect for everyone who wants to be physically active in STYLE.

The new Genu Xtra STYLE knee supports from Juzo come in six luminous neon colours and will inspire you to be active. Every athlete knows: a stylish and functional outfit boosts your motivation and makes training enjoyable. And what applies to sport apparel also holds true for knee supports.

Stabilisation and relief of the knee joint

The Genu Xtra STYLE knee support not only makes a fresh fashion statement but is also a highly effective medical aid for stabilising and relieving the knee joint. The anatomically shaped patella ring guides the kneecap while also massaging the surrounding tissue. The area of lengthwise elasticity above the patella ring together with the tried-and-proven combination of compression fabric and lateral spiral rods ensure a crease-free and secure hold, even when the knee is bent at over 90 degrees. The comfort zone at the back of the knee provides relief and protection to the flexor tendons of the leg, thereby enabling the therapeutic effect of Genu Xtra STYLE to be fully achieved. The breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable fabric is latex-free. The pressure-minimised top and bottom ends prevent constriction and ensure an optimum compression distribution. 

The colours of the six stylish neon variants are: Ionic Blue, Pink Heat, Glowing Green, Purple Lightning, Luminous Orange and Dark Blue Sensation – all so intense that they're guaranteed to give you an energy kick and new motivation.

For larger thigh circumferences, the Genu Xtra STYLE is available in Xtra-Wide. Please choose Wide under the 'width' option.


JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra STYLE support can assist with the following indications:

  • post-traumatic edema
  • luxation tendency of the patella
  • arthrosis in femoro-patellar joint
  • knee joint distortions and effusions
  • to aid mobilization after prolonged immobility
  • following surgery
  • sprains
  • following fractures, contusions
  • subluxation and dislocation of the patella
  • meniscopathy



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