Liqua Care Diabetic FlowGel Orthotic Insoles

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Liqua Care Diabetic FlowGel Orthotic Insoles

Effective relief for diabetic foot symptoms and tired achy feet

A foot ulcer is an open sore on the foot that can start as a shallow red crater on the surface of the skin but can develop into a deep crater extending to the tendons and bones.

People with diabetes and people with poor circulation are at special risk of developing foot ulcers, and foot care is an important part of diabetes management.

This is where Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles comes in. They are the only brand that can clinically prove to increase circulation to the feet and lower leg and reduce pressure on the soles of the foot by 21%. The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy also decrease as the improved circulation reduces the risk of nerve damage.

Tests also showed that when used daily, Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles can also help provide relief from swollen feet and legs, muscular soreness and back pain caused by prolonged standing or walking.  People that had been using them or at least six months were surveyed and reported a consistently high level of improvement of several symptoms, particularly cold feet, pain and general discomfort. 

How do they work?

Regarded as a Class 1 medical device, Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles contain a non-toxic, carefully dosed liquid that distributes the pressure from your body weight over a larger area, reducing pressure as you stand and walk. Anatomically designed channels control the direction of the liquid to improve the way you walk and stand. 

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are just a few millimetres thick so will fit in normal footwear such as shoes and boots. They are highly durable so are great for work, sports, and fitness activities and are machine washable.

14 Day Adaptation

Walking on Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles will be an entirely new experience - the dynamic flow of liquid energises your feet. A suggested adaptation period is 14 days:

Day                        Hours of Use                      Activities

1-2                          30-60 mins per day           Walking/standing

3-4                          1-3 hours per day             Walking/standing

5-6                          3-5 hours per day             Walking/standing

7-8                          5-7 hours per day             Walking/standing

9-10                       7-10 hours per day            Walking/standing

11-12                     10-12 hours per day          Walking/standing

13-14                     12-14 hours per day          Walking/standing

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Liqua Care Diabetic FlowGel Orthotic Insoles

  • Effective relief for feet that are fatigued and swollen
  • Can help with Arthritis in feet and lower legs, cold feet, back pain, heel and arch pain, achilles tendon soreness, oedema and varicose veins, forefoot pain and diabetic foot
  • Offloads foot pressure 
  • Clinically proven to prevent the main causes of diabetic foot ulcers
  • Significantly increases circulation in the feet/lower legs

  • Can reduce the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

  • Slim fitting so fits most types of shoes. Small adjustments to size can be made by trimming
  • High durability
  • Machine washable and by hand at a maximum of 60 degrees


Liqua Care Diabetic FlowGel Orthotic Insoles


Available in the following sizes:

UK Men's Shoe Size UK Women's Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Size 2.5 - 3.5 Size 2 - 3 EU Size 35 - 36
Size 4 - 5 Size 4 - 5 EU Size 37 - 38
Size 5.5 - 6.5 Size 5 - 6 EU Size 39 - 40
Size 7.5 - 8 Size 7 - 7.5 EU Size 41 - 42
Size 9 - 9.5 Size 8 - 8.5 EU Size 43 - 44
Size 10.5 - 11.5 Size 9 - 9.5 EU Size 45 - 46

Each insole contains two sizes. Trim toe area as needed for perfect fit. Please follow user instructions carefully.