ReadyWrap Foot

ReadyWrap Foot

  • £49.50

Lohmann & Rauscher ReadyWrap Foot Wrap

Support for life

ReadyWrap adjustable compression garments are designed as an easy-to-use compression therapy for patients with venous and lymphatic disease.

ReadyWrap Foot is an adjustable compression garment that helps support venous and lymphatic conditions. Simple colour-coded VELCRO® fasteners make them easy to put on and take off, while their low profile design means you can wear normal footwear. 50% overlapping on the straps allows for maximum swelling control. ReadyWrap Adjustable compression support is available in black or beige. If you have had, or believe you may have had, any problems with your veins then it is important that you seek advice from a trained health professional before wearing any compression.

Key Benefits

ReadyWrap is better for patients

Easy to use, with colour-coded VELCRO® brand fasteners

  • ReadyWrap Foot is an adjustable compression garment for the effective management of venous and lymphatic conditions.
  • A simple two-strap design fits inside most shoes.
  • Designed to work in conjunction with ReadyWrap Calf which overlap to prevent gaps.
  • A comfort liner is provided to be worn with this garment
  • Can accommodate fluctuations in swelling.
  • Front-fastening short straps and patient application and readjustment
  • ReadyWrap Knee, ReadyWrap Thigh and ReadyWrap Toe can be considered for full limb swelling.
    • All products are available in black or beige