6D Tape ® - Negative Pressure Therapy Tape

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6D Tape  ® Negative Pressure Therapy Tape

A unique handle tape for lymphatic therapy, physical therapy and scar treatment

The 6D®Tape works in six directions. It features handles and is skin-friendly, making it well suited for lymphatic therapy, physical therapy, scar treatment and active self-care.

The unique 6D handles allow manipulation that stimulates lymph flow, blood circulation, fasciae, scar tissue, muscles and joints. Treatment with 6D Tape will improve recovery from injury, ease joint and muscle pain, reduce nerve compression and swelling, and help with constricting scar tissue.

16-42 weeks of treatment for the average patient !


6D Tape ®is effective for treating back, neck and muscle pain, as well as swelling and joints. Manipulating the tape with the handles alleviates pain and reduces swelling by activating the body’s internal cleanup and healing mechanisms. The tape is also suited for treating surgical and traumatic scar tissue and swelling. For example, the tape is excellent at treating repetitive strain injuries, including golfer’s, mouse and tennis elbow, and constricting connective tissue (fascia).

Try 6D ®Tape today and see how well it works!



Pump the Lymph

 New Adhesive

6D Tape uses a skin-friendly base tape material

 Feature number four of 6D Tape is its skin-friendly base tape material, which has the following six key properties:

  1. The base tape is a unique, elastic and skin-friendly kinesiology tape that is 98 percent cotton. In other words, it is made of a natural material.
  2. The elasticity of 6D Tape imitates that of the skin, making it very pleasant to wear and preventing the tape from straining the skin.
  3. Naturally, 6D Tape will also breathe and it is designed to be worn for 3–10 days.
  4. The tape is also waterproof, making it safe for saunas, showers, swimming and so on.
  5. 6D Tape is hypoallergenic and suitable for use on highly sensitive skin.
  6. No latex or rubber is used in 6D Tape.








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