JuzoFlex® range of braces offer anatomically-accurate and indication-specific solutions for carrying out compression therapy. All Juzo® products are characterised by their high quality standard, medical efficacy and wearing comfort.

JuzoFlex® braces relieve affected joints and guide their movement. The state-of-the-art, functional compression fabrics from which they are made enclose the affected joints and exert a uniform compression class 2 pressure over the entire area. This activates proprioception, thereby correcting the muscular dysbalance and improving the intrinsicmuscular stability of the joint.

The incorporated pads, shaped to suit each specific joint, are made from viscoelastic material and ensure a uniform pressure distribution even in undercut areas of the joint (e.g. around the patella). They relieve the pressure-sensitive regions and produce an intermittent compression, i.e. a massage-like effect, during joint movement. This effect enables the fluid that causes swelling to disperse, thereby improving joint mobility.

Effectiveness of JuzoFlex® braces:

Compressive - they exert a uniform pressure on the underlying soft tissue

Proprioceptive - they improve the interaction of the flexor and extensor muscles

Nociceptive - they reduce pain sensation rheological they disperse the fluid that causes swelling