Calypso 140D Collection


140D...the effective one


The effect of the COMPRESSANA CALYPSO is based on the anatomically correct pressure profile along the leg. The gentle pressure (measured in mmHg) supports the veins in their task to transport the blood back to the heart and relieves the legs. The results are visibly more beautiful legs whilst not comprising on fashion.

COMPRESSANA Calypso 140D are designed to provide effective support for women that require strong to medium support for their legs to combat and reduce problems such as venous insufficiency, swelling, varicose veins or heavy leg syndrome. Made with a smooth, fine even mesh structure, Calypso 140D range have the look and silky shine of the highest quality stockings. Also ideally worn as travel socks.

Support class III approx. 15 - 18 mmHg Strong Support

  • Available as below knee socks, stockings or tights

  • Available in 9 colours

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