Juzo®ACS Light - Knee Wrap

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JUZO®  Knee Wrap ACS Light Adjustable Compression System 

Efficient and effective adjustable compression systems


These short-stretch compression wraps can be employed as an efficient supplementary treatment during the decongestion phase. The Juzo ACS Light products can be adjusted for the individual wearer by means of velcro fasteners. Thanks to the incorporated lining, they are easy to use and can be applied in next to no time. This ease of application increases patient compliance. Therapeutic compression pressures up to 40 mmHg are possible for arm and leg.

Juzo ACS Light Wraps for the lower extremities are compression tools with short-stretch characteristics, intended to reduce oedema in the foot, lower leg, knee and thigh. Each part can work in combination with the other! The Knee Wrap can be used for both left and right knee and has a unique cut-out in the reverse for comfort.

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JUZO® Knee Wrap ACS Light Adjustable Compression System

Efficient and effective adjustable compression systems

  • The knee wrap can be used for both left and right knee

  • A unique cut-out in the reverse for comfort

  • High working and low resting pressure

  • Compression levels up to 40 mmHg

  • Can be worn day and night

  • Adaptable whilst wearing for optimal compression

  • Easy to apply – even with limited dexterity and mobility

  • Patients can easily self-manage thanks to the built-in liner

  • Can be worn with Juzo Compression Stockings, Sleeves or Gloves and also with Juzo Soft Compress Products

  • Various accessories available



  • 85 % Polyamide

  • 15 % Elastane




JUZO® Knee Wrap ACS Light can assist with the following indications:

  • lymphoedema
  • lipoedema
  • post-traumatic
  • oedema
  • post-operative oedema


Absolute contraindications (where the ACS Light treatment is absolutely inadvisable)

  • Moderate to severe arterial disease (ankle-arm-index < 0,7)

  • Reduced sensitivity of the extremities

  • Untreated vascular infection

  • Uncontrolled (decompensated) congestive heart failure

  • Untreated or advanced skin desease

  • Swelling of the extremities of unknown cause

  • Advanced peripheral vascular disease

  • Untreated open wounds

  • Erysipelas

Relative contraindications 

  • Peripheral neuropathy with diabetes mellitus

  • Congestive heart failure