Postoperative Compression Bras


Postoperative care of the chest area

After breast surgery or radiotherapy the skin can often be very sensitive or irritated. The Juzo Postoperative Compression Bras Julia and Jana were specially developed to protect the healing skin from further stress immediately following an operation.

Comfortable to wear

The seamless compression bras are made from a very soft, comfortable material and provide the necessary support while also allowing full freedom of movement. These compression bras are ideal for use during the postoperative care phase as it is important to ensure that the sensitive breast tissue is not constricted or subjected to further irritation. With their integrated 4-way stretch system, Juzo Postoperative Compression Bras offer an optimal balance between compression and wearing comfort.

Easy to use

Thanks to the fastener at the centre of the chest and the flexible materials used, Juzo Postoperative Compression Bras are easy to put on and take off. This fastener also provides uncomplicated access to the scar or oedema area, thus making it easy to perform postoperative follow-up examinations. The Juzo Postoperative Compression Bras are available in two styles, Julia and Jana, both in the colours white and black.


The difference between Juzo® Postoperative Compression Bras Julia and Jana