Advanced Keto Formula Patch - 60 days supply

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Advanced Keto Formula Patch - 60 days supply

A carefully blended natural support supplement associated with weight management and wellbeing into a single 24-hour patch.

To be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Each pack contains 60 day’s supply

Keto Slimming Patches

Key Features 

+24-hour support

+Discreet & easy to wear

+Peel, Stick & Go

+Targeted fat loss


+Vegetarian and Gluten Free


New innovative design Keto slimming Patch with a + sign on each patch. The patch is activated by body heat and dissipates over 24-hours, indicating it is time to change the patch.





+Yerba mate


+Flaxseed oil


+Green Tea extracts

Place the Keto slimming patch in the general area you desire most targeted fat loss (i.e. stomach, thigh, buttocks etc.)

After 24-hours replace the Keto slimming patch in a slightly different position to help prevent any adhesive allergies and allowing the skin to breathe. You can wash off any residue or adhesive left on the skin with warm soapy water. Do not rip the patch off instead carefully peel Keto slimming patch gently. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Keto slimming patch is not a medicine, rather a carefully formulated natural blend. In the unlikely event of any side effects cease use and consult your physician. Pregnant and lactating women or anyone taking medicine should consult medical advice.

1 patch use in 24 hours

60 Days Supply Included


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