Clinisept+ podiatry

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Clinisept+ Podiatry products are a new innovation in podiatry: they are highly effective against the microorganisms which are responsible for compromising foot health and yet are also completely skin compatible and cause no irritation or sensitisation.


They will even neutralize spores and fungus in your compression socks with a quick squirt.

Clinisept+ Podiatry products provide exceptional levels of skin hygiene.

It can be used before, during and after a podiatry procedure, or for the purpose of daily foot care by podiatry patients. Clinisept+’s advanced hypochlorous formula cools and calms the skin and reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation. It is suitable for use in all lower limb applications and for use by those who are prone to athlete’s foot.

Clinisept+ Podiatry is safe and easy to use at home. It enables  optimum levels of foot hygiene following a podiatry procedure to aid recovery or can be used as part of a daily foot health regime to keep feet in healthy condition. Suitable for use by those with athletes foot.


Featuring a trigger spray, Clinisept+ Podiatry can be sprayed directly onto the intended area which can provide high levels of microbial control to particularly sensitive areas during podiatric procedures where application with a gauze may cause added sensitivity to the procedure site.


Clinisept+ Podiatry applies the latest antimicrobial hypochlorous technology to maintain optimal hygiene and foot health, reduce redness and provide ideal conditions for rapid skin recovery – without stinging or irritation. It is non-sensitising and leaves no residue or chemical burden.

Clinisept+ Podiatry is a ready to use aqueous solution.


Clinisept+ provides optimum hygiene for the preparation, procedure and recovery of any podiatry treatment.


Clinisept+ Podiatry should be applied by either spraying directly onto the skin or by wiping on with a gauze or cleansing pad. Ensure the skin is thoroughly wetted. Once applied, Clinisept+ Podiatry leaves no residue. It can be left to dry naturally or absorbed with a gauze or cleansing pad.  

Prep – Prior to any podiatry treatment, apply Clinisept+ podiatry onto clean feet to deliver optimal pre-procedure hygiene and antimicrobial protection. Clinisept+ Podiatry is also an effective deodoriser.

Procedure –  Unlike traditional antimicrobials Clinisept+ Podiatry may also be used during a podiatry treatment to cool and calm the skin, minimise the appearance of redness, soothe irritation and promote rapid recovery.

For maximum care of recovering or irritated skin and promote optimal foot health, spray regularly with Clinisept+ or soak a gauze or pad with Clinisept+ and leave to soak on the affected area for five to ten minutes. Repeat as necessary.

Suitable for

Clinisept+ Podiatry is recommended for use before, during and after a podiatry procedure. As a pre-treatment skin cleanser it deodorises and ensures highly effective microbial control. Due to its skin neutral pH and gentle oxidising action it can also be used to maintain effective hygiene during and after a procedure without causing irritation.

In post treatment applications it keeps the skin clean and provides the optimum conditions for natural healing to occur.

Clinisept+ Podiatry is recommended for all post treatment recovery, daily foot hygiene and resolution of sore/irritated feet. It is suitable for use by those prone to athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, Also suitable for use by diabetics.

“I supply Clinisept+ Podiatry to my patients as part of my post-operative dressing kit and it is reducing recovery time by at least a third!”

Dianne Ashcroft, Potty Purple Pod, Warrington

“Clinisept+ Podiatry is competitively priced when compared to chlorhexidine but has a better safety profile with many more applications and a long shelf life. In addition, it can be sold to patients for home use as part of their ongoing treatment. The range of conditions it can be used for makes it ideal for the podiatry clinic.

Ivan Bristow PhD, MSc (Oxon) Podiatrist, New Forest