JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra Knee Brace

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JUZOFLEX® Genu Xtra Knee Brace

Anthracite colour held in stock - other colours are ordered direct.

With special stretch zone and hydro-regulating 3D-knit

Whether patients with knee complaints are actively engaged in sport, or simply on the move in everyday life or at work: the new JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra Knee Brace with an anatomically shaped patella ring stabilizes and relieves the knee joint, thereby achieving a lasting reduction in joint pain.

To enable their full therapeutic effect to develop, knee bandages must be fitted correctly and also adapt to every movement. The compressive fabric and lateral spiral rods in JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra combine to ensure a crease-free and secure hold.

JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra-Wide

JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra-Wide - the extra wide knee support - is particularly suitable for persons with larger thigh circumferences or soft skin in the thigh area. To ensure an optimum fit for highly tapered leg shapes, the thigh section of JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra-Wide has been specially designed to prevent slipping and constriction. A special feature of the bandage is the added adhesive border, which increases the overall length of the bandage. This product is only available through M-XXXL

JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra approx. 32 cm

JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra-Wide approx. 37 cm

JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra Knee Brace

With special stretch zone and hydro-regulating 3D-knit

  • Breathable and skin-friendly:
    The hydro-regulating 3D fabric transports moisture to the outside, regulates the temperature and offers a comfortable fit. Like all Juzo® products, this bandage is free of Latex, which prevents contact allergies from occurring
  • Comfort zone at the back of the knee:
    Thanks to the smooth edge zones in the region of the thigh and calf, it relieves and protects the flexor tendons of the biceps femoris (leg flexors).
  • Special stretch zone:
    The area of lengthwise elasticity above the patella ring ensures the bandage is seated optimally even when the knee is bent at over 90°.
  • Anatomically shaped patella ring:
    The dynamic polyurethane ring guides the kneecap while also massaging any swelling-related fluid out of the surrounding tissue. This provides effective pain relief during movement and rest.
  • Pressure-minimized finished ends:
    They prevent the fabric from cutting into the skin, and guarantee a high level of wearing comfort and an optimum compression distribution.

JuzoFlex® Genu Xtra can assist with the following indications:

  • Post-traumatic edema
  • Luxation tendency of the patella
  • Arthrosis in femoro-patellar joint
  • Knee joint distortions and effusions
  • To aid mobilization after prolonged immobility
  • Following surgery
  • Sprains, contusions
  • Following fractures



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