Silicone Sheet Scar Pad - Lollipop

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Silicone  ScarPad

Daily Care of scarred skin


THESE TRANSPARENT SILICONE SHEETS ARE used to treat the scarred tissue and to prevent keloid and hypertrophic scars. THE LOLLIPOP-SHAPED SHEET IS SUITABLE FOR TREATMENT OF THE SCARS AROUND THE CHEST AREA, SPECIFICALLY AFTER MODELLING AND AUGMENTATION. Once the sheet is applied to the scar, it minimizes the movement of the skin, and maintains an optimal moisture of the skin, which in return keeps the scar hydrated and helps with regeneration.

LIPOELASTIC SHEETS are used to treat old and new scars and other skin damage. For new scars, it is necessary to use the product on a closed wound, at least three days after removal of the stitches.

The sheet in the shape of a lollipop (7 x 16 cm) is suitable FOR TREATMENT OF THE SCARS AROUND THE CHEST AREA, ESPECIALLY AFTER MODELLING AND AUGMENTATION. THE PACKAGING INCLUDES 2 SHEETS WITH THE DIMENSIONS 7 X 16 CM, they can be cut accordingly to the size of the scars.


RECOMMENDED TIME OF THE TREATMENT IS ONE MONTH. To ensure the durability of the silicone sheet, it is recommended to wash the product with warm water and mild soap after every use.


  • Easy to use
  • Treatment of both old and new scars
  • Hydrates the damaged tissue and helps its regeneration
  • Adapts to movement
  • Easily modifiable for specific scars
  • Discreet and transparent



Apply the sheet onto A CLEAN AND DRY SCAR. Do not use the product on open and fresh wounds. Remove both protective foils (white and transparent) and apply the sheet over the scar. The scar should be completely covered. If needed, support the sheet with a garment/post-operative bra, bandage, or a hypoallergenic sheet.

It is necessary to let the skin to get used to the sheet at the beginning of the treatment. START THE TREATMENT LIKE THIS:

  • Wear the sheet for 2 hours during the first 4 days
  • For the next 2 days, step up the interval to wearing the sheet for 4 hours
  • Keep adding 2 hours of wear time every day, until you reach the optimal wear time, which is 24 hours a day

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