D3 6 metre x 5cm Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

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D3 6 Metre x 5cm Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

D3 Kinesiology Tape is constructed with 100% cotton, coated with a low allergy medical grade adhesive backing. Acryllic coated

Kinesiology tape has many uses

Pain Relief

Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

Accelerate Recovery from Bruises and Contusions

Prevents and/or Relieves Muscle Spasms and Cramping

Speedier Recovery of Overused Muscles

Supports Injured Muscles and Joints without Restricting Range of Motion

Allows Athletes to Remain Active while Injured

Enhance Strength and Muscle Tone in Weak or Poorly-Toned Muscles

When used in lymphoedema it assists in the drainage of the Oedema by enhancing the flow towards a cleared lymphatic watershed. 

High quality

Water resistant

Backing paper with cutter guides

5cm x 6m rolls