Extender for Gliding Wave Massager (Venen Engel)Hose

  • £29.99

✔ 10CM Enlargement of the gliding wave leg cuffs: with the extension flaps the leg cuffs are suitable for a thigh circumference of up to 77cm.

✔ EASY & QUICK APPLICATION: the extenders are very easy and quicklyto attach to the leg cuffs with the zipper.

✔ ROBUST WITH OPTIMAL FIT: the extension tabs withstand heavy loads effortlessly and do not impair the fit - thanks to their clever wedge shape.

✔ HIGH QUALITY PROCESSING: the use of high quality materials ensures a long life of the device - NO worn out leg cuffs, loose hose connections or broken zippers.

The solution for pressure wave massage at home - at an outstanding price-performance ratio
Thanks to the practical extension flaps, it can Gliding Wave Massager now also be used for larger thigh circumferences - up to 77cm!
The extension flaps are simply connected to the zipper of the leg cuffs and thus provide more room for larger thighs with an optimal fit and robust support.


This is for the leg model not the tights model


Please note that the extensions are not inflated with the cuffs.




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