Juzo Dynamic Above Knee Compression Stump Shrinker

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Juzo Dynamic Above Knee Compression Stump Shrinker

Discreet, reliable and durable

In the period immediately after an amputation, the stump is particularly sensitive and painful. That is why the Juzo Dynamic Compression Stump Shrinker was developed to provide excellent levels of compression to stumps after surgery, to enhance wound healing, reduce oedema and shape stumps. 

Juzo Dynamic, with its tight and unobtrusive weave, is visually discreet. It offers a perfect fit, and retains its form even during high levels of physical exertion. Due to the smoothness of the fabric, Juzo Compression Stump Shrinkers are easy to slip on.

Versatile border options

The stump shrinkers come in a variety of styles. For optimum hold, choose a soft top border like that of a sock, a silicone border for firm grip, the balance silicone border especially designed for sensitive skin or a hip attachment belt for secure hold.

Choose from a range of colours, sizes, lengths and extra options to suit your individual needs. 


  • Optimum skin compatibility for sensitive, post-operative stumps
  • Correct compression dosage, and a reduction in compression level in the proximal direction from the distal stump end
  • The well-balanced elasticity ensures comfortable wearing characteristics for the patient
  • Being made from synthetic elastomers, they are easy to care for and ointment proof

Available in different combinations to suit your needs:

  • 2 compression classes: Class 1 (18-21 mmHg) and Class 2 (23-32 mmHg)
  • 4 lengths
  • 6 sizes
  • 4 attachments: soft top border (like the top of a knitted sock), silicone border  dots (large silicone dots), balance silicone border (small silicone dots especially designed for sensitive skin) or a hip attachment
  • 8 colours - all colours are made to order so please allow 8 working days for delivery

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Size Guide

To ensure best fit, measure the length of the stump from G to F on the diagram below, and measure the circumference of the stump 5cm up from F and around the G point (around the gluteal fold where the buttock meets the thigh).

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