Juzo Expert Flat Knitted Glove with Seams Open/Closed fingers

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Juzo Expert Flatknit Glove  with seams Glove with Open/Closed Fingers

Pleasantly soft with high effectiveness


Juzo Expert is pleasantly soft and made to suit the complex anatomy of the hand.  It provides exceptional softness and bi-directional elasticity with the greatest possible freedom of movement and comfort.  Juzo Expert off-the-shelf flat-knit glove is well sought after for treating oedemas in order to prevent lymphatic fluid from accumulating in the hand and fingers, thereby promoting the return flow of lymphatic fluid from the tissues.

Areas of application for flat knit compression gloves 
In order to ensure the perfect return flow of lymphatic fluid from the tissue so it does not accumulate in the hands and fingers, Juzo uses flat knit compression gloves to treat oedema of the hand.

    May be worn on the left or right hand. 



    Juzo Expert Flat Knitted Glove with Open/Closed Fingers has the following features:

    • Seamled finishing
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Anatomical fit
    • Breathable
    • Even pressure gradient
    • High working pressure
    • Selection of 2 compression classes
    • Easy-care, quick-drying fabric


      Juzo Quality

      • Made in Germany, complying with the highest quality standards
      • Oeko-Tex-certified and skin-friendly
      • Latex-free, without silicone or plasticisers
      • Unobtrusive and comfortable, thanks to flat, elastic seams
      • Ointment proof

      Juzo Expert Seamless Glove with Open Fingers can assist with the following indications:

      • Lymphatic oedema
      • Lipoedema
      • Venous congestion
      • Post-traumatic oedema