Juzo Silver Fibre Below Knee Liner

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Juzo Silver Liners 

Silver underliners for ulcer sets/wraps/stockings or bare legs


Juzo Liner Silver are ideal stockings for patients with particularly sensitive skin. Because of their soft fabric, the liner stockings are extremely comfortable to wear and provide permanent skin protection during donning and doffing. Thanks to the knitted-in silver thread, they also have an antibacterial action. For optimum treatment, the highly elastic liner stockings with no compression effect of their own can be combined with flat-knitted or short-stretch circular-knitted open toe compression stockings.

Comes with 3 stockings

Area of use

  • For inflamed, sensitive and stressed skin
  • For infected wounds, for follow-up treatment of venous ulcers
  • For chronic skin conditions, dermatitis, contact eczema
  • For integrating wound dressings used to treat small skin lesions
  • Provides a slip-free hold for special pads used in the treatment of complicated cases

NB, no claim is made that this silver product helps with wounds healing, it just helps around the wound. Should be used with a dressing if there is a wound present.




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