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Juzo Ulcer System Kit

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 Juzo Ulcer System Kit

The efficient system for treating leg ulcers

Working in close collaboration with medical experts and therapists, Juzo has developed a compression stocking system that makes it easier to treat patients with venous leg ulcers. Each set consists of a liner stocking, which can be worn around the clock, and an over-stocking to boost compression during the day. The Juzo Ulcer Liner stocking helps to hold the dressing or bandage in place and comes with a spare stocking so it can be changed as required. The set offers the perfect fit, secure support, defined pressure values and great wearing comfort. Patients can even wear it in normal shoes.

The Juzo Ulcer System set consists of two Juzo Ulcer Liner stockings and a circular knit over-stocking. Thanks to its flexible knitted fabric and discreet look, this set is perfect for everyday use.

The overstocking is open toe.

The understocking is closed toe.

Gives a pressure when both stockings used together of 40mmHg Features
  • Subtle look
  • Defined pressure values
  • Adaptable knitted fabric


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