JuzoPro® Lumbal Xtec Light (Formerly Lumbal Light)Back Brace)

  • £103.00


JuzoPro® Lumbal Light

Supports an upright body posture

When the back muscles are poorly developed and subjected to strain on one side, painful tension can develop. This can potentially lead to long-term bad posture. To counter this, Juzo developed the new Lumbal light orthosis.

Configurable for a perfect fit

Lumbal Light can be adapted to different body shapes and waist types using the different fastening options provided. It is also easy to apply thanks to the practical finger pockets.

Comfort knit
The especially stretchy fabric is highly elastic while also being durable. It won’t curl, so no pressure points can arise. The latex-free fabric is comprised of breathable micro fibers that draw moisture away from the body, thereby avoiding heat accumulation.

Padded rods provide support
The high level of wearing comfort is enhanced by four light, permanently integrated and padded rods. They are pre-shaped, but can be individually adjusted or reshaped if necessary. This provides noticeable relief and support to the lumbar spine and corrects any muscle-related postural weakness.


JuzoPro® Lumbal Light

Supports an upright body posture

  • Different fastening options for various waist types

  • Simple fastening of the orthosis using finger pockets

  • Optimum fit

  • Four integrated and padded rods for more stability


JuzoPro® Lumbal Light can assist with the following indications:

  • Persistent pain in the lumbar region (chronic lumbalgia/ligamentosis)

  • Deterioration in posture (myostatic muscular insufficiency)

  • Loosening of the pubic symphysis (symphysis loosening)

  • Pain syndrome after operative removal of disc tissue (post-discotomy syndrome)

  • Pain in the lumbosacral junction

  • Irritation of the small vertebral joints