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JuzoFlex® Malleo 717

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JUZOFLEX® Malleo 717

Ankle sock for compression around the ankle - pair

Our ankle joints are in constant motion throughout our life, and are permanently under load while doing so.

How often has this happened to you: You're wearing high heels, playing sport, or simply put your foot down wrong and suddenly you twist your foot. This can result in a sprained, or even worse, a torn ligament. Tearing of the lateral ligament of the ankle is one of the most common ligament injuries of all. Such tears can have consequential effects that often only appear later, but then cause permanent or irreversible damage, such as arthrosis.

Juzo created the JuzoFlex® Malleo 717 specifically to prevent these long-term consequences. but also to provide compression to the ankle area for oedema management and burns

All day comfort

The Malleo 717 can be worn in any shoe and is designed for continuous use thanks to its especially thin profile.



JUZOFLEX® Malleo 717

Ankle sock for support, oedema management and scar management.

  • designed for a permanent use
  • extremely thin, therapeutic circular-knitted fabric

        JuzoFlex® Malleo 717 can assist with the following indications:

        • chronic lateral and medial ligament instabilities
        • after onset of arthrosis and for arthrosis prevention
        • to accelerate resorption of oedema, effusions and haematoma
        • to help heal after burns


            JUZOFLEX® Malleo 717

            Ankle sock 



            JUZOFLEX® Malleo 717

            Ankle sock