JuzoFlex® Achill Xtra Ankle Brace

  • £48.00


JUZOFLEX® Achill Xtra

Achilles tendon support with silicone insert. The insert distributes the pressure uniformly along the Achilles tendon thereby relieving it.


  • Anatomically shaped, viscoelastic silicone insert for uniform pressure distribution in the para-Achilles region.
  • Two heel wedges (additional tension relief for the Achilles tendon)
  • Edema reduction thanks to compression class 2 fabric
  • Fully compressive Y heel
  • Pressure-minimizing edge region
  • Without latex

JuzoFlex® Achill Xtra can assist with the following indications:

  • To accelerate resorption of edema, effusions and hematomas
  • Following surgery on ankle joints
  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Irritation of the ankle joint
  • For early mobilization
  • To relieve pain from Achilles tendon

Length: Approx. 18 cm