JuzoPro® Lumbal Xtec (Formerly Lumbal Back Brace)

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JuzoPro® Lumbal Back Brace

Includes lumbal pad which gives a massage like effect

The Lumbal Back Brace is particularly helpful in relieving pain in most lumbar complaints. From chronic to acute pain in the lower back region, the combination of the lumbal pad and specially knitted brace can't be beaten.

The lumbal pad
The anatomically shaped pad protects the lower lumbar region and comfortably limits its movement. In order to loosen tensions of the muscles and adhesions of the tendons, the lumbal pad has friction nubs across the surface. They promote circulation and provide a massage-like effect. A Velcro fastener allows the exact positioning of the pad, which is also removable if required. The pad also comes with a detachable and washable hygienic cover.

Strongly knitted brace
The lumbal back brace is made of an especially stiff knitted fabric, which supports and relieves stress. Thin bars help stabilise the fabric. The brace is available in two different styles: either a straight or a waisted shape for different figures and waist types.


JUZOPRO® Lumbal 

Includes lumbal pad which gives a massage like effect

  • Two styles available: straight or waisted form for different figure and waist types

  • Easy closure of the brace by finger pockets

  • Individually positioned and removable lumbal pad

  • Optimal fit

  • Built-in rods for reinforcing the knitted fabric


JuzoPro® Lumbal can assist with the following indications:

  • Persistent pain in the lumbar region (chronic lumbalgia / ligamentosis)

  • Decay of posture (myostatic, muscular insufficiency)

  • Slight joint wear (osteochondrosis / spondylosis / spondylarthrosis)

  • Pain syndrome after surgical removal of intervertebral disc tissue (postdiskotomy syndrome)

  • Solution of the cohesion of two vertebrae (spondylolysis)

  • Residual spondylolisthesis (degenerative spondylolisthesis)

  • Slight lumbar deformity (lumbar deformity)

  • Recessive conditions of small vertebral joints (ISG syndrome)




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