JuzoPro® Manu Wrist Orthosis

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JuzoPro® Manu Wrist Orthosis

Wrist orthosis for stabilisation in three movement directions


Shapeable wrist orthosis with an additional dorsal fixation splint for optimum immobilisation of the hand. Available in two lengths for left or right hand. The shorter orthosis is 20cm and the longer version is 27 cm which comes with a fourth velcro buckle for better stabilisation.


JuzoPro® Manu Wrist Orthosis has the following features:

  • Three removeable and individually shapeable aluminum splints (volar, lateral and dorsal) for an optimum fit with no slipping or pinching.

  • An adaptable, circumferential strap for increased support of the splints and the wrist.

  • Three velcro fastening buckles for individually tailored stabilisation (four velcro buckles for the longer version).

  • An elastic tab simplifies the task of putting on and taking of the hand brace even when movement is restricted.

  • Breathable and easy-care materials protect the skin and prevent heat accumulation.

  • The unique Juzo special material adapts to the shape of the hand during wearing.

  • Length: 20 cm or 27 cm

  • Available for left or right hand.

JuzoPro® Manu Wrist Orthosis can assist with the following indications:

  • Medium to severe distortions (sprains/strains)

  • Luxations (injuries of joints/tendons)

  • Medium to severe tendovaginitis (tendosynovitis)

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis (chronic irritative conditions)

  • Post-traumatic/post-operative immobilisation (cast substitute)

  • Radial paresis (paralysis/wrist drop)


JuzoPro Manu Wrist Orthosis Support Brace Anthracite Colour 

JuzoPro Manu Wrist Support Brace Orthosis Sizing Chart Guide