KPlus - Max Pressure Abdominal Binder

  • £47.90

    When to use KPlus garment?

    • Oedema Management in Abdomen
    • It is used in both the first and second phases of postoperative care, as recommended by your plastic surgeon
    • Suitable for use after abdominoplasty and abdominal liposuction
    • TIP: Abdominal belts may be worn alone. However, it is recommended to combine them with a post-operative compression bandage and a KPad, which prevents the post-operative linen and abdominal skin from wrinkling. In that case, the belt is worn over the bandage.
    • LIPOELASTIC recommends: It is recommended to combine the abdominal belt with the KPad, which prevents wrinkling of the post-operative linen and abdominal skin.

    Colour version

    • white, natural, black

    Product description

    • The latest compression abdominal belt from LIPOELASTIC suitable for abdominoplasty or abdominal liposuction.
    • The abdominal belt ensures maximum compression in the abdomen.
    • Velcro fastening, which can be attached to 3 or 4 belts depending on the belt height.
    • The outside part of the belt is lined with the Velcro hooks, therefore the Velcro does not damage parts of the belt or other clothing.
    • For better fixation, the belt is lined with two elastic slats, thanks to which it holds the correct shape on the body and does not deform and crease during movement


    • The new type of fastening has a durable fabric on the front side of the Velcro, which does not get attached to other garments and is therefore easier to handle.
    • The fastening varies according to the belt height, which is selected according to the patient's height
    • There are two belt heights to choose from: 
        - 24 cm: 3 Velcro strips above each other
        - 32 cm: 4 Velcro strips above each other


      • A combination of soft yet firm and flexible material
      • The material has been awarded Oeko-Tex certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex, etc.)
      • Material composition:
        • Black 24 cm: 34 % POLYAMIDE, 33 % ELASTANE, 30 % POLYESTER, 3 % COTTON
        • Black 32 cm: 34 % POLYAMIDE, 32 % ELASTANE, 31 % POLYESTER, 3 % COTTON
        • Natural 24 cm: 63 % POLYAMIDE, 32 % ELASTANE, 3 % COTTON, 2 % POLYESTER
        • Natural 32 cm: 62 % POLYAMIDE, 32 % ELASTANE, 3 % COTTON, 3 % POLYESTER
        • White 24 cm: 63 % POLYAMIDE, 32 % ELASTANE, 3 % COTTON, 2 % POLYESTER
        • White 32cm: 62 % POLYAMIDE, 32 % ELASTANE, 3 % COTTON, 3 % POLYESTER


      More specifics

      The textile label is sewn on the outside of the garment to avoid unpleasant itching of the skin in this area.


      The product must be washed gently at 30 ᵒC max. Do not bleach the product. Do not spin dry in tumbler. Do not iron the product. Do not clean chemically.
      Before washing, it is necessary to do up the velcro in order that the functionality of the product is not impaired.