Lipoelastic Active Leggings

  • £79.90

Compression leggings are suitable for everyday wear to prevent the feeling of heavy and swollen legs. They support blood circulation, functions of the lymphatic system and help to remove harmful substances from the body.

Compression therapy helps to prevent swelling of the legs and creation of cellulite caused by water retention in the body.

Super comfortable for Lipoedema sufferers too.



When to Use ACTIVE Leggings?

  • Suitable for everyday wear, sports activities and travel
    • prevent swelling of the legs
    • prevent the feeling of heavy legs
    • prevent water retention in the body
    • prevent cellulite
    • as post-operative underwear for patients suffering from diseases of the lymphatic system
    • as a support for blood circulation
    • for optical slimming of the lower limbs
    • may help to reduce the symptoms of lipoeema

Colour version

  • Black

Product description

  • Compression leggings without fastenings are finished at the waist with a wide, designed rubber, so that they don't roll or slide 
  • The leg openings are finished with a clean laser cut to ensure maximum comfort around the ankles  
  • Elastic flat seams prevent chafing and bruising of the skin 
  • Leggings are made of a high compression material which removes body moisture, suppresses the symptoms of cellulite and optically slims the figure (shapewear) 
  • The leggings material is opaque, quick-drying and is resistant to pilling 
  • The CLASSIC material maintains its constant compression even after repeated washing 
  • Compression leggings are without a hygienic opening; to ensure comfort for the whole time of wearing, a gusset (a diamond-shaped piece of fabric) is sewn in the crotch 
  • The compression effect is reduced in the knee area to avoid unpleasant pressure during walking, sitting and participating in sports activities 
  • The leggings are packed in a luxurious satin bag; the package also includes a protective laundry cover 


  • The garment is without fastening

Benefits of ACTIVE Leggings

  • Permanent compression
  • Drains water from the body
  • Prevents cellulite
  • Slimming effect
  • Opaque material
  • Quick-drying material
  • Material resistant to pilling
  • Oeko-tex
  • Washing package included