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Let's Talk Lymphoedema

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May 2017 sees the launch of “Let's Talk Lymphoedema: The Essential Guide to Everything You Need to Know” written by Professor Peter Mortimer together with Gemma Levine, what is likely the best ever book on Lymphoedema (LE) for the non medic. 

You may remember or even have taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.
Well, add up all patients with HIV, Aids, Parkinsons and ALS and you don't get near the number of people who suffer with Lymphoedema - and you probably never even have heard of it. Some people can be born with it or get it through other secondary causes such as cancer (maybe as many as 30% of breast cancer patients develop Lymphoedema afterwards). Unlike cancer, ALS, Parkinsons, and HIV/AIDS - there is NO CURE. 

What's it like to live with?
Right now, grab 3 bags of flour and strap it to ONE of your legs, or a bag of sugar and strap it to your arm, and try and get on with your daily routine. This is the easy part.
Imagine everyone looking at you - wondering if you are fat, or just like the Elephant Man (which is like Lymphoedema, but caused by the Proteus syndrome). Imagine feeling your life is crumbling away as you can’t do anything that you want to. Imagine becoming disabled. Imagine a world where your partner is repulsed by you. Imagine your life falling apart and psychologically getting out of bed doesn't seem worthwhile.

Welcome to Lymphoedema. 

We need you to help. We need you to help us raise awareness of this condition and better still, enable researchers and specialists to find a cure for this awful disease.

Here at Sieden, we have the rights to distribute the pdf version of "Let's Talk Lymphoedema" in super high resolution. On Amazon, the e-book is selling for £1.89 however, you can get it for free from us because it is in pdf format. Our version may not work on Amazon Kindle, but it works great on computers, phones and e-book apps.

Please download the pdf of the book here on this site - it costs nothing - and ask your friends to do the same.

Post it, share it – let’s get it out there!