Sankom Patent Socks

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The first real progress in circular knitted medical compression socks for varicose veins and lymphoedema in over 60 years.

SANKOM® Patent Socks are the only circular knit compression socks in the world that are knitted with the circles of compression pushing upwards rather than horizontally.

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SANKOM Patent Active Compression Socks
The SANKOM Patent Active Compression Socks, are revolutionary smart active
gradual compression socks that stimulate and improve the blood flow in your legs.

Unlike ordinary compression socks that use extreme circular compression which
restricts the blood flow on the lower leg, the SANKOM Patent Active Compression Socks, use innovative patent technology step by step targeted compression to improve the efficiency of the veins and lymphatics.

Invented and developed by a medical team in Switzerland, the SANKOM Patent
Active Compression Socks are a breakthrough concept to help people with lymphoedema, varicose veins,  common problems caused by sedentary lifestyles, low or extreme physical activity, excess weight, pregnancy, age and such as: Poor blood circulation, varicose veins, heavy swollen and tired legs, sore muscles, weak foot arch, blisters, painful foot soles and

 Targeted compression
 Anatomical structure
 Breathable & hypoallergenic material
 Swiss invention & Design
 Recommended by Doctors
 Compression class 1 15-21 mmHg
 Medical Device Class 1
 Durable
 Extra Sole Padding
 Toe Padding & Protection
 Smooth band
 Skin-friendly material
 Available for men & women
 Available in 3 colours: black, gray and white

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SANKOM is a well-established company in Switzerland that specializes in inventing
and developing functional products that improve your health. It’s newest
development, the SANKOM Patent Sock was created using unique active
compression patented technology to combat common daily problems that
everyone is familiar with, such as heavy legs, poor blood circulation, swelling and
sore muscles. For both men and women, it offers a unique, never seen before,
approach to restore the health of your legs, with an instant relief effect. SANKOM
PATENT Socks was developed by medical doctors and is a certified Class I Medical Device.


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