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Spraino Ankle Sprain Preventor

Spraino is a specially developed tripo-tape that is applied to the outside of the shoe to reduce friction between shoes and floors. When worn it significantly reduces the risk of ankle injury preventing outside of the shoe catching the floor and causing the ankle to roll. For fast paced sports particularly where lateral movements are made on indoor hard floors, this is the product for you. Works for all athletes - from rank amateur to elite sportsperson alike.


  • Prevents ankle injuries
  • Ensure optimum performance
  • Preserves comfort and mobility
  • Reduces the harmful force on the ankle joint by 91%
  • Tested and approved for handball, badminton and volleyball
  • Validated for linoleum, wood and sports floors

Pack Contents

Each pack contains 4 front Sprainos, 4 rear Sprainos and 2 wet wipes. Enough for two pairs of shoes. 


Depending on the athlete's activity level, each Spraino patch lasts between 20-40 hours of physical activity.*

The first patch will typically have a shorter shelf life than the subsequent patches. We recommend the patch mainly for indoor shoes with a fixed and smooth surface (leather or man-made materials).

* Several factors include weight, height and level of wearer



Spraino is easily glued to the outside of the shoe. Click this link for video instructions.  ATTENTION - it is important that the instructions and video are followed carefully.  Failure to do so may lead to the product being incorrectly applied and render it ineffective.