Varosilk Glove

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Varosilk Glove with Open Fingers

Discover unprecedented comfort in hand compression therapy


Varosilk hand and toe bandage (V708) is made of very fine material which feels very comfortable. Ideal for use in case of Oedema in fingers.
The Varosilk hand bandage is intended to reduce minor swelling in the back of the hand and fingers,and can be used instead of a bandage.

  • Class 1 (20-36 mmHg) // mild compression

May be worn on the left or right hand. 

Material composition:  52% spandex, 48% polyamide



Varosilk Glove with Open Fingers has the following features:

  • This glove's fingers can be cut to length size
  • Especially soft
  • Especially thin and fine fabric
  • Breathable for a comfortable skin environment
  • Smooth
  • Easy donning and doffing (put-on and take-off)
  • No constrictions or curling of the fabric

  • May be worn for the left or right hand

  • Available in 3 colours: Black and Beige



Varosilk Glove with Open Fingers can assist with the following indications:

  • incipient oedema with normal anatomical situation
  • mild propensity for oedema formation