Gliding Wave 12  - intermittent pneumatic compression massager with leg cuffs

Gliding Wave 12 - intermittent pneumatic compression massager with leg cuffs

  • £1,799.00

Enjoy the advantages of a gliding wave massage device at home too.

  • 12 overlapping air chambers for an even more precise massage
  • Unique: Individual pressure adjustment of each chamber
  • 8 massage programmes
  • Deactivatable chambers
  • HOLD & INTERVAL timer to control massage intensity
  • Individual adjustment of pressure & duration of the massage

With eight different massage programmes, the Gliding Wave 12 Premium offers the largest selection for all needs. These can be selected very easily via the touch panel. The pressure & time of the application can also be optimally adjusted to personal preferences. The animations on the left show the massage sequences of the individual programmes.


The possibility of deactivating individual air chambers directly on the device or with the supplied remote control also means that sensitive areas can be completely excluded from the massage. Benefit from our unique premium advantages!

HOLD timer: intensify the massage effect by holding the pressure in the individual air chambers for a self-defined period of 0-5 seconds.

a control unit, a trouser cuff, a remote control, a special hose set, operating instructions.

Dimensions of the device (LxWxH): 30cm x 25cm x 16cm, Weight (incl. cuffs): Approx. 4.6kg, Power & mains voltage: 60W, 220V, 50/60Hz, Application pressure: 30 - 240 mmHg (eight levels), Application duration: up to 99 min, Programs: eight massage programs, Max. thigh circumference: approx. 67cm (can be extended with extension tab - available separately here )

If you are unsure, please ask your family doctor.

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